A. In order to maintain a proper and manageable coat, it is recommended that you have your pet groomed every 6 – 8 weeks.

A. Yes, only at the Rocky River location. Only a Vet can do this and the Rocky River location is out of an Animal Hospital. You are required to a Vet exam first to assure the health of your pet. This is a separate charge from grooming services.

A. Yes, please check our website often we offer special discounts on certain services. Also we have a referral program which offers you discounts on those people you refer to us.

A. Yes, it is better for both of you if your pet is kept in a short cut or a puppy cut free from mats.

A. There have been confirmed cases of rabies in the county. This requirement is for all of our customers, their pets and our employees protection.

A. Yes, You are more than welcome to sit and watch as your pet is groomed. Plus the Groomer would love the company too.

A. We recommend that you do. Though we welcome walk-Ins. There may be days that we are so busy and may not be able to get your pet in that day. So an appointment assures your pet the time slot to give your pet our quality grooming service.

A. Yes & No. Grooming is done by appointments. You bring your pet in at your schedule time slot and you will be called when your pet is done. Your pet will only be crated for the time it takes for you to come and pick him/her up.

A. Most basic grooming takes about 1 ½ depending on the pet’s behavior, condition, length and texture of the coat, and the size of the dog. As soon as your pet is done you will be notified that your pet is ready for pick up.

A. After your pup has had their required set of vaccinations. Grooming for a pup should start as soon as possible. This helps the pup become acquainted with the sounds of the salon environment, noises such as dryers, clippers, other dogs etc. For a puppy’s first grooming, we most likely wont do a haircut. Also, at home please play with their paws and brush/comb them to get them used to being handled. This is also for cats. With cats getting them used to a wet bath at a young age helps with the stress factor as they grow.

A. Cash, checks, most major credit cards.

A. Yes, If you feel they did a good job and your pet looks good then please feel free to do so! But tips for the groomer must be separate from payment for grooming services. Tips are very much appreciated, please tip your groomer by cash or check.